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Who am I?

"Still figuring it out.  Life is a journey.

I want to share any enlightenment that comes my way."

About Amit

Amit has a zest for living life with joy, love, and wonder. 


Born into a family where bhakti yoga is a daily ritual, yoga has always been a strong influence in his life.

The therapeutic benefits and healing power of yoga inspired him to pursue training in meditation, yoga and reiki. 


With a passion to share knowledge and help others, he has worked with individuals from various walks of the world and over the years has developed a unique ability to pass down Yogic wisdom in ways that are applicable to modern times.

Amit has studied various modalities of yoga and focuses his personal practice on meditation. 

He is an accountant by degree and has worked in finance prior to transitioning into the wellness industry.

His classes are kind, fun and transformational.

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I’m so grateful you restarted your classes. I never go so in depth like in you meditation classes. 

I think you really have a gift and it’s wonderful that you are sharing it with us! ✨

I can’t thank you enough for keeping the music and be there for me today. It meant a lot. 

Super grateful 🙏

Dee, England

I’m so grateful for your class today. 

It has been deeper than ever and I realized something I never really realized before. 

I wrote several pages of notes after the class. Don’t want to forget what has been clear during  the meditation. 

Thanks for helping me finding my lessons to learn. 

Namaste 🙏 


Valentina, Italy

I attended your healing meditation class and I want to thank you so much for guiding the session because it was a truly cathartic experience for me and helped me release some emotional pain that I’d been holding on to for years. It was a completely unexpected but welcomed healing :)


Thanks so much,


Reena, Canada

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